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Yuskin Refill 180g

Yuskin Refill 180g

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Vendor: Yuskin Pharmaceutical

〇Four active ingredients treat chapped, chapped, and frostbitten skin (designated quasi-drugs).
〇Two moisturizing ingredients moisturize your skin.
〇The yellow color of the cream is the color of vitamin B2, a water-soluble vitamin.
〇The refreshing scent of the active ingredient "dl-canful".
〇Immediately after application, the skin is moisturized and its excellent moisturizing effect lasts for a long time.
〇Can be used all over the body if your skin is compatible with it.
〇Hygienic pump that can be used by everyone.
〇You can replace the pouches when the contents run out.

Content volume: 180g

Active ingredients (in 1g):
Tocopherol Acetate 2mg, Glycyrrhizic acid 2mg, dl-camflur 8mg, Glycerin 0.4g

As additives:
Vitamin B2, Polysorbate 80, Self-emulsifying Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic acid, Hard Fat, Triethanolamine, Sodium edetate, Isopropyl myristate, Paraben, Stearyl alcohol, Sodium hyaluronate, Vitamin C
* There are no steroids in this product.

Observe the following precautions:
〇Use the product under the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian when letting children use it.
〇Take care not to let it get in your eyes. If it gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water. In case of severe symptoms, seek medical advice from an ophthalmologist.
〇Do not use on mucous membranes such as the lips.
〇In case of accidental ingestion by a child:
(1) Wipe out mouth first.
(2) Watch the product for a while and if anything goes wrong, consult your doctor.

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