Regarding Orders

Is combined shipping possible?

During shared operating hours, combined shipping is possible. However, combined shipping is not possible in the following cases:

*In cases where points accumulated from the first item purchased are used during the purchase of the second item.
*When the two items that you wish to have bundled straddle the International Date Line.
*When the recipient name or shipping information is different for each item.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

In general it is not possible to cancel orders, but there are some cases in which it might be possible if the order has not shipped yet. Please contact customer service for details. Also, it is not possible to cancel an order after it has shipped, but it is possible to return it, so please contact the customer service center in such cases.

Regarding delivery
Is it possible to select a delivery company?

No. The shipping company and shipping method used will be determined based upon the geographical location of the recipient. Please understand that it will not be possible to select a specific shipping company.

Can I designate a delivery date?

Yes. However, it takes 2-5 business days for the item to be shipped, so the specified date must be four days in advance.

When will my shipment arrive?

Orders will normally arrive between 1 and 5 business days.
Orders are processed until 2PM, after which the order will be processed the following business day. Please see the chart below for estimated arrival times after shipping.

The above arrival times are merely estimates. Actual delivery time will vary depending upon location and transport conditions.

Will I have to pay a tariff when I receive the goods?

A tariff may be applied depending upon the destination country. For details, please search here.

Regarding payment

Can I pay using a credit card?

Yes, this is possible. Major cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Can I pay using an international bank remittance?


Regarding “My Account”

What is “My Account?”

This allows you to view your order history and edit your delivery or password information.

After placing an order I noticed that my delivery address information was out-of-date. Can I change it using My Page?

No. Changing your delivery address after placing an order will have no effect on the order. If the delivery address or mail address changes after an order has been placed, please contact our customer service center as rapidly as possible.

I forgot my password and I’m unable to log in.

We are unable to view a customer’s password or personal information, so please reset your password.

Can I change my email address?

Please change your registration information using My Page. If you change your email before placing an order then the new email address will be reflected in your next order. If you change your email address after placing an order then please contact the contact our customer service center as rapidly as possible.

How can I confirm my accumulated points?

Your “My Account” contains a point history page on which you can confirm your currently accumulated points. However, points can only be used when the settlement is made in Japanese yen.

Contacting us by email

First, please refer to the FAQ above. Your questions may have been answered already there. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us by clicking the button below and filling out the contact form.