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Welcome to Japan Spread 2nd Store, Japan Spread HOME.

Thank you for always supporting us. It's thanks to all of you who are visiting this page that we were able to open our second store. You can find our first store here.

I am Japan Spread’s CEO, Yuya Iida . 

Thank you for visiting Japan Spread.

Japan Spread is an online store that sells Japanese snacks, Japanese healthcare products, and cosmetic products.

I was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1988.

I was always full of curiosity since I was a small child, and I hated the feeling of being unconvinced, so I was always challenging things.
I often failed and often regretted it later, but this fundamental attitude has not changed to this day.

My father inherited a small clothes shop called “Yuki-ya” which was established by my grandfather in 1954, but I was never involved with the business while growing up.
My father was also supportive of me searching for the unknown.

In 2018, I became 30 years old and was working for a transportation business in Osaka.

My father told me about the worsening results of my family’s business at that time.
I was shocked – I took the shop’s existence for granted.

That was the first time I came face to face with Yuki-ya.

I could not sit idly by, so I instantly quit my job and ran straight back to my home in Kanagawa.

When I actually looked into it, the deterioration of the business in the last 10 years was drastic. I understood that if things stayed as they were, the shop would cease to exist.

As the age of the main customers of Yuki-ya which has been in business for over 60 years were over 60, getting new customers was not easy.
The surrounding region was suffering from a declining population, and the city’s shopping district was already gone. Young people were going to department stores and shopping malls instead.
Fundamentally, in this era it was difficult to be in the clothing business.

The shop that had helped shape my life seemed like it was at its end.

“I do not want this shop to close like this.”

I was not convinced. I worked with my father as one and strived to improve the business.

That said, due to the lack of funds, the things we could do were limited.
I walked around with 10,000 flyers to distribute.
I created a display in front of the shop.
I also sold new products that were popular on TV.

These efforts slowly produced some results, and thanks to the local customers who still relied on high street shops the deterioration of the business stopped.
However, this did not solve the fundamental problems faced by the shop, and seemed to merely prolong the closure.

So, I consulted many people and thought it through.
The business would not survive like this, so I had to think differently.

Many businesses in Japan are shrinking.

Even in a country famous for creating goods, if there aren’t any people who will use those goods, the industry will decline.
Japanese products are still appealing, so the decline is in the number of buyers.
At a time like this when the Japanese population is declining, Japanese industries must expand globally to stay in business.

That is how I ended up going for e-commerce.

In Japan, few were yet moving toward this business model.
With a resolve to continue to move forward and with the mindset of plunging into a business that had no precedence, I chose this path out of curiosity.

“Better products for less. Meet the desires of customers.” This embodies our desire for all visitors to go home with a smile on their face.

Even now shops cannot survive without customers.
Our views remain unchanged on our e-commerce websites, and we continue to hope that our shop satisfies our customers.