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Tsubuporon Eye Essence

Tsubuporon Eye Essence

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Vendor: Liberta

Tsuburopon Eye Essence

Tsuburopon Eye Essence softens the hardened keratin that make up those white bumps below the eyes. With 22 types of Japanese extracts and a warming effect, it softens the oily, keratin build up. It is also gentle on the delicate skin near the eyes.

Contents: 1.8ml

Materials / Ingredients:

Glycerin, DPG, water, (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acryloyldimethyltaurine Na) copolymer, squalane, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 60, BG, persic oil, glycolic acid, ethanol, apricot seed extract, arnica flower extract, Citrus leaf / stem extract, cucumber fruit extract, Seiyukiwatoko flower extract, Zeniaoi flower extract, Pearl tree seed extract, Parietalia extract, Butter extract, Amashachuru leaf extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, Odorikoso flower / leaf / stem extract, Dutch mustard leaf / Stem extract, Camomile flower extract, Burdock root extract, Pinus thunbergii root fruit extract, Seiyo Otokirisou flower / leaf / stem extract, Calendula flower extract, Garlic root extract, Fuyubododje flower extract, Yagurumagiku flower extract, rosemary leaf extract

Size: 140 x 80 x 20

Weight (product only): 21g

Produced in: Japan

Manufacturer: Liberta


  • Please use caution to notice any abnormality on the skin.
  • In the case that abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. appear after sun exposure, please stop using and consult a skin specialist. Symptoms may worsen if you continue to use as it is.
  • Please be careful not to get in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, please rinse with water or lukewarm water immediately. In addition, consult an ophthalmologist if abnormality remains.
  • Please keep out of the reach of babies and children and do not store in direct sunlight or hot places.
  • Please close the cap properly after use.
  • Store the product upright and keep the cap pointing up.
  • Please keep the box until the product has been used up.
  • Please do not use for mucosa.
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