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Made after thorough analysis into the finishes of makeup artists. The effects of the hair quality, length and diagonal flat surface make this a foundation brush that realizes a high degree of perfection whatever the technique. This brush can be used for powdery, liquid, cream and solid emulsion type foundations. With a pleasant usage sensation that feels smooth on the skin. Comes with a case.

Contents: 1P

Materials: PBT resin

Size: 17.9cm x 2.2cm x 6.9cm

Weight (Item Only): 42g

Production Area/Country of Manufacture: Japan

Manufacturer Name: SHISEIDO

Usage Instructions: Hold brush like you are holding a pencil, with the longer hairs at the top.

For powder, solid emulsion type foundations:

  1. Touch lightly approx. 3 times to the foundation surface to allow brush to pick it up and apply by patting on to the main areas you wish to cover. Do this procedure 2-3 times for each side of the face to cover.
  2. Pick up foundation in the same way as above and gently press to the main areas you wish to cover to apply. Move brush to the left and right to apply around the eyes.
  3. For thin application areas, move brush along the face line.

For liquid, cream type foundations:

  1. Take a suitable amount of foundation in your hand and put on your face in 4 places.
  2. Finish using the same method as the above powder & solid emulsion type foundation instructions.

Handling Precautions:

  • Do not put the brush in the case or a pouch if not completely dry.
  • If the brush is dirty, foundation won't be picked up so easily. Always use in a clean state.
  • If you put the brush in the case when not completely dry, it may cause bacteria to breed, odors, and skin troubles on rare occasions.
  • Should the usage sensation deteriorate, purchase a new item.
  • If you use powder type foundation without washing after using liquid or cream type foundation, the surface of the foundation may harden and it may become unusable, so avoid using these types together.
  • For Anessa foundation, use the separately sold sponge.
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