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Panasonic Steamer Nanocare Compact Type Pink EH-SA3A-P

Panasonic Steamer Nanocare Compact Type Pink EH-SA3A-P

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Moisturize the Skin

The warm steam penetrates into the stratum corneum to moisturize and firm the skin. Nano-sized warm steam softly envelops and moisturizes the face, penetrating to the stratum corneum.

Relaxation Time with Aroma Scents

The scent arrives with the steam and the aromatic scent relaxes you. Includes 1 genuine lavender for you to try. The Aroma Tablet Aroma Oil is made of 100% natural essential oils extracted from plants and trees. They can be used without aroma.

One-touch Installation

A new form of aroma. Now in tablet form, it's even easier to wrap your esthetic time in aromatic scents. Just attach the aroma tablet to the aroma holder on the main unit.

5 Aromas to Wrap Up Your Esthetic Time

  • Authentic Lavender: a floral and refreshing fragrance that is representative of lavender
  • Bergamot: a citrus scent that is citrusy, refreshing and refreshing
  • Geranium: sweet mint base with a hint of rose
  • Tea Tree: a cool, refreshing and woody scent
  • Ylang Ylang: an exotic fragrance with a rich sweetness


  • Power Method: AC type
  • Type of Steam Mist: nano-sized steam
  • Steam Temperature: about 40 degrees Celsius (about 20 cm away from the nozzle tip)
  • Steam Generation Volume: about 6 mL/minute (one blowout)
  • Water Tank Capacity: approximately 90 mL
  • Steam Generation Time: about 12 minutes (when the tank is full of water)
  • Length of the Power Cord: approximately 1.5m (detachable)
  • Body Dimensions: height 16.3 x width 10.4 x depth 14.8 cm
  • Mass:
    • Body: about 0.7kg
    • Power cord: about 70g
  • Power Supply and Voltage: AC100V 50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: approximately 290W
  • Accessories: 1 aroma tablet (for trial use: genuine lavender)
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