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Nivea Cream Care Face Wash, Bright Up

Nivea Cream Care Face Wash, Bright Up

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Vendor: Kao

A dense moisturizing face wash born from Nivea Cream.

The cream lather washes your face and removes dullness※, bringing you beautiful skin.
※dullness caused by old skin and pore impurities

  • The dense, rich cream lather contacts your skin closely. It gently washes while protecting important moisture in your skin.
  • Brings you translucent, bright skin filled with moisture.

Moisturizing: Contains Nivea Cream ingredients (lanolin alcohol, glycerin)
Cleaning: Contains brightness enhancing ingredients (Italian white clay, malic acid, lauramine oxide)
Contains an amino acid type mild cleaning ingredient (sodium cocoyl glutamate)

With a clear premium green floral fragrance.

Contents: 130g

Ingredients/Materials: water, glycerin, stearic acid, myristic acid, PEG-8, hydrogenated polyisobutene, potassium hydroxide, sorbitol, lauric acid, lauramine oxide, palmitic acid, glyceryl stearate, Lanolin Alcohol, sodium cocoyl glutamate, talc, malic acid, polyquaternium-7, dioctyldodeceth-2 lauroyl glutamate, etidronic acid, (PCA/isostearic acid) PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, BHT, EDTA-2Na, sodium hydroxide, sodium benzoate, methylparaben, fragrance

Size: 15.5cm x 7.5cm x 4.5cm
Weight (item only): 155g
Made in Japan
Manufacture Name: Kao

Handling Precautions:

  • Do not use on areas with an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or eczema.
  • Properly check that you have no abnormalities on your skin before using. Should this disagree with your skin, or should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and skin darkening, during use or after use when in direct sunlight, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. If you continue to use, symptoms may worsen.
  • Take care not to get this in your eyes. Should this get in your eyes, immediately rinse well.
  • To avoid accidental ingestion by children and those with dementia, be mindful where you leave this.
  • Do not store in places with high temperatures.
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