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MegRhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask, Chamomile, 5

MegRhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask, Chamomile, 5

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Vendor: Kao

An eye mask that comfortably warms your eyes with continuous steam.

Pleasant feeling approx. 40 degree steam lasts for 10 minutes, gently enveloping your important eyes and the surrounding area. With a thin sheet that fits snug against the eye area.

By continuously warming the eyes with steam, tension accumulated over the day will be released and your eyes & mood will gradually loosen up.

You can use while sitting down or while lying down. Whatever your position, this will stay firmly attached to your eye area. Pleasant steam is delivered without any escaping.

With a chamomile ginger fragrance that exudes a peaceful aura for days you want to enjoy a gentle mood.

Contents: 5

Ingredients/Materials: [Surface Material] polypropylene, polyethylene, [Heat-Generating Element] contains iron powder

Size (cm): 14 x 12.5 x 4

Weight (item only)[G]: 72

Made in Japan

Manufacturer Name: Kao Corporation

Precautions Before Using:

  • The following should not use:
    • Those with an eye disease or inflammation
    • Those with an abnormality such as a wound, swelling & eczema in or around their eyes
  • For young children, elderly people, physically handicapped people, etc. who cannot immediately stop using this item themselves, those around them should pay special attention.

Prevention of low temperature burns:

  • Should this feel overly hot, immediately discontinue use.

Precautions related to your eyes & eye area:

  • When it has stopped generating heat, remove eye mask. When your skin is warmed, the area around your eyes may temporarily become red and may feel itchy.
  • Should you observe eczema, a rash, etc., or should any abnormalities such as redness and itchiness remain, discontinue use and consult a doctor. If you continue to use, symptoms may worsen.
  • Do not press eye mask onto your eyes.
  • Should you experience any other kind of abnormality on/in your body, immediately discontinue use.

Handling & Storage Precautions:

  • Be sure to open with your hands. If you use scissors, you may cut the contents.
  • Do not use a damaged eye mask.
  • Do not heat in the microwave. This may cause it to ignite.
  • Should the eye mask tear and the contents contact your skin, rinse or wipe off with a wet cloth. Should the contents get in your eyes, immediately rinse well without rubbing. Should any abnormalities remain, consult a doctor.
  • Do not reuse an already used mask.
  • When throwing away, check to see that it has cooled. Dispose of incombustible waste or in accordance with your municipality's rules.
  • Store out of reach of young children.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources (heated table, top of computer, etc.) and store in a cool place.
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