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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Medicinal Toothpaste Shoyo EX

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Medicinal Toothpaste Shoyo EX

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Vendor: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Shoyo Toothpaste has a concentrated formula of over 13 different natural ingredients to protect the mouth from common periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

Contents: 100 g


  • Solvent: Purified water, PG, ethanol
  • Abrasive: Hydroxylated AI
  • Wetting agent: Sorbit solution, ginseng extract, acenyaku extract, turmeric extract
  • Base: Anhydrous silicic acid
  • Medicinal ingredient: Na chloride, Tocopheryl acetate, sodium monofluorophosphate, β-glycyrrhetinic acid, hinokitiol
  • Corrigent agent: Alum, lactic acid AI, cinnamic aldehyde, clove oil
  • Freshening ingredient: peppermint oil, menthol
  • Astringent ingredient: white birch extract, tea tree extract (1), Peony extract, Persimmon extract
  • Solubilizer: POE hydrogenated castor oil
  • Foaming agent: lauroyl methyl taurine Na
  • Thickener: hydroxyethyl cellulose, xanthan gum
  • Flavoring agent: flavor (herb mint type)
  • pH adjuster: sodium carbonate, citric acid
  • Stabilizer: edeto acid, allantoin
  • Sweetener: stevia extract
  • Preservative: paraben
  • Coloring agent: caramel, yellow No. 203, green No. 3
  • Detergent: Muk Jiekisu
  • Astringent: persimmon tannin

Size: 14.3 x 5 x 5 cm

Weight (Only the Product): 124 g

Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Handling Precautions:

  • Stop using the product and consult with a specialist in case of irritation, etc. after use.
  • Do not use if there are wounds or sores in the interior of the mouth.
  • In case of contact with the eyes, do not rub and rinse immediately with plenty of water. Consult with an ophthalmologist if any symptoms persist.
  • This product has a characteristic astringent taste. People sensitive to astringency should use smaller amounts.
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