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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Blue Toilet Decor Disinfectant Plus Fresh Floral

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Blue Toilet Decor Disinfectant Plus Fresh Floral

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Vendor: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Each time it is flushed, the medicine spreads over the water in the toilet and is thoroughly washed by the action of the cleaning ingredients. Anti-dirt effect and disinfection.

  • Reduces black spots caused by components.
  • Effect keeps the water clear and makes cleaning easier.
  • Reduces the growth of bacteria that cause black spots. However, not all bacteria are eliminated.
  • The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and the degree of dirt.
  • The flowing water is colorless.

Contents: 3 pieces

Ingredients / Materials: surfactant (34% polyoxyalkylene glycol, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether), stabilizer, fragrance

Size: 3 x 17.4 x 9.5cm

Weight (product only) [g]: 47

Place of origin / Country of origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Handling precautions:

  • Because it contains a disinfectant, take special care, such as closing the lid of the toilet bowl and placing the product out of reach to prevent accidental eating by people with dementia and infants.
  • Do not use for other purposes.
  • Do not use for toilets other than pottery.
  • Avoid fire and direct sunlight. Do not place the product where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees.
  • If water splashes or chemicals remain during use, remove with a toilet brush.
  • If you feel sick, discontinue use.
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