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Kinomegumi Ashirira Sheet, Mugwort (1 Pair)

Kinomegumi Ashirira Sheet, Mugwort (1 Pair)

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Vendor: Nakamura

The bamboo sap used in Ashirira Sheet is a condensed extract with wonderful sterilizing/anti-bacterial effects and moisture-supplying power. Ashirira Sheet is made using finely-selected ingredients and bamboo sap with zero impurities carefully extracted from bamboo.

Attach at night and you'll feel refreshed in the morning. The power of natural sap leads to a stress-free daily life.

Swelling is caused by the worsening of blood circulation in the foot and excess moisture accumulating between cells. If you attach this to the sole of your foot before bedtime, you can greet the morning with a fresh feeling mood.

When you stick this relaxation sheet to the sole of your foot, the bamboo sap powder gently cares for tired feet. A sheet attached before going to bed will become brown colored in the morning through the moisture-supplying power of bamboo.

Mugwort, a Japanese herb loved since ancient times, keeps dry skin moist!

Contents: [Sap Sheet] 2, [Fixing Adhesive Sheet] 2

Ingredients/Materials: dextrin, bamboo sap, houttuynia cordata leaf powder, loquat leaf powder, chitosan, vitamin C, mugwort

Size (cm): 21 x 12 x 1

Weight (item only)[G]: 21

Made in Japan

Manufacturer Name: Nakamura

Handling Precautions:

  • This is not a food product. Do not put in your eyes or mouth.
  • Should this cause eczema or a rash, discontinue use.
  • Should you observe an abnormality in your skin condition, remove immediately.
  • Do not use on areas with a wound, injury or skin abnormality.
  • Should you wear shoes while the sheet is attached, it may adhere to your shoes or socks.
  • Do not store in places with high temperatures & humidity, or in direct sunlight. Store in as cool a place as possible.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Depending on the individual, this may make the soles of your feet sticky. After using, wipe with a wet towel or rinse your feet.
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