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Kao Success Medicated Shampoo Extra Cool Refill 960ml

Kao Success Medicated Shampoo Extra Cool Refill 960ml

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Vendor: Kao

This product is a refill.

Bubbles in 3 seconds and cleanses in one shot. The micro-degradable bubble removes sebum, wax, and even odor from pores.

Extra cool and refreshing feeling to penetrate.


Prevents dandruff and itching. Prevents hair and scalp sweat odor (active ingredient: pyroctone olamine).

Use the nozzle directly on the scalp for a direct shampooing (Jika-shan) style.

The smooth liquid shampoo penetrates the scalp and foams up from the scalp.

By cleaning the pores, it helps hair growth tonic and hair growth tonic to penetrate.

Non-silicone formula.

Contains natural eucalyptus extract (moisturizer).

Aquacitrus Fragrance

Raw Materials & Ingredients

  • Pyroctone Olamine*
  • Water
  • Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether ammonium sulfate (1E.O.) solution
  • Propyl lauric acid amide-betaine solution
  • Ethanol
  • POE(16) lauryl ether
  • Lauryl hydroxysulfobetaine solution
  • Alkyl carbohydrate
  • Xymethyl hydroxyethyl imidazolinium betaine
  • Glyceryl ethyl hexyl ether
  • Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether (6E.O.)
  • Menthol
  • Eucalyptus extract
  • Pepper extract
  • Trimethyleammonium chloride
  • Hydroxypropyl hydroxyethyl cellulose
  • Anhydrous citric acid
  • BG
  • Fragrance
  • Blue 1

*No indication of "active ingredients" means "other ingredients"

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