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DoggyMan Kind-To-The-Stomach Dog Biscuit, Green & Yellow Vegetables

DoggyMan Kind-To-The-Stomach Dog Biscuit, Green & Yellow Vegetables

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Your pet can easily intake 3 types of vegetable nutrition. This has carrot, spinach and pumpkin kneaded in, so your dog can easily intake vitamins and minerals. An assortment type that allows your dog to enjoy 3 different flavors while intaking vegetables. This contains natural yucca extract for adsorbing unpleasant poop odors and calcium necessary for the maintaining the health of bones and teeth. This item is useful for keeping your dog healthy. Give to dogs 2 months and older.
・Energy: 450kcal/per 100g
・Crude Protein: 7.5% or more
・Crude Fat: 7.5% or more
・Crude Fiber: 1.5% or less
・Crude Ash: 4.5% or less
・Water Content: 10.0% or less
Contents: 450g
Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, tapioca starch, vegetable oil, vegetable (spinach, carrot, pumpkin), milk powder, chicory extract (contains dietary fiber, oligosaccharide), minerals (Sodium, calcium), leavening agent, flavoring, yucca extract, coloring (yellow 4, yellow 5, blue 1)
Size: 29 x 11 x 24cm
Weight (item only)[G]: 470
Made in Japan
Manufacture Name: DoggyMan
Handling Precautions:
・Be sure to use for pet food purposes.
・Store out of reach of infants, children and pets.
・Refer to the listed information and make sure your pet doesn't overeat.
・When a child is giving this to a pet, be sure it done so with an adult present for safety.
・Give to your pet in a calm environment so that they do not get over-excited.
・Should your pet's physical condition become bad, consult with a vet.
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