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DoggyMan Chloro Dent Sticks, S, Extra-Value Pack

DoggyMan Chloro Dent Sticks, S, Extra-Value Pack

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A deliciously seasoned gum with finely prepared beef skin. As well as providing dental care, this also allows your dog to deliciously intake quality beef collagen. One of these after eating will help brush your dog's teeth! Chewing reduces plaque deposits and bad breath. It also helps strengthen the jaws.
Usage Instructions: for extra-small dogs (below 5kgs) 1-2 per day, for small dogs (5-11kgs) 2-4 per day.

・Energy: 370kcal/per 100g
・Crude Protein: 65.0% or more
・Crude Fat: 3.0% or more
・Crude Fiber: 1.0% or less
・Crude Ash: 6.5% or less
・Water Content: 15.0% or less
Contents: 24
Ingredients: beef skin (containing collagen), starches, egg yolk powder, chlorophyll, preservatives (potassium sorbate), polysaccharide thickener 
Size: 25.5 x 2 x 20cm
Weight (item only)[G]: 160
Made in Japan
Manufacture Name: DoggyMan
Handling Precautions:
・Be sure to use for pet food purposes.
・Store out of reach of infants, children and pets.
・Refer to the listed information and make sure your pet doesn't overeat.
・When a child is giving this to a pet, be sure it done so with an adult present for safety.
・Give to your pet in a calm environment so that they do not get over-excited.

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