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Doggy Snack, Value, Fillet Slices w/Gizzard (For All Dog Types)

Doggy Snack, Value, Fillet Slices w/Gizzard (For All Dog Types)

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Give to dogs 2 months and older.
Gizzard has been added to fillet so that your dog can intake iron. These slices have a soft, thin texture and are easy for a range of dogs to enjoy. A fillet snack that allows your dog to also enjoy the taste of gizzard.
・Energy: per 100g - 350kcal
・Crude Protein: 17.0% or more
・Crude Fat: 3.0% or more
・Crude Fiber: 2.0% or less
・Crude Ash: 7.0% or less
・Water Content: 28.0% or less
Contents: 25g
Ingredients/Materials: chicken (gizzard, breast meat, fillet), wheat flour, sorbitol, glycerin, salt, antioxidant (vitamin E), color former 
Size (cm): 20 x 9 x 1.5cm
Weight (item only) [G]: 35
Made in Japan
Manufacturer Name: DoggyMan
Handling Precautions:
・Be sure to use as pet food.
・Store in a place where it cannot be touched by children and pets.
・Refer to the listed instructions and take care your pet doesn't eat too much.
・Should a child be giving this to a pet, be sure they do so under adult supervision for safety.
・Give in a relaxed environment so that your pet doesn't get over-excited.

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