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belulu Classy Massager

belulu Classy Massager

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Vendor: Beautiful Angel

Renewal of the popular series of Belulu!

  • Activate the skin from deep within with ultrasound
    The new model has even more ultrasonic power and is more effective.
  • Transparent skin with ion guidance
    Ion-derived, also known as "ion cleansing," uses the power of positive ions to adsorb pore dirt with a negative ion factor. In the new model, the cotton ring is plastic, so the cotton can be fixed more firmly than ever before.
  • Ion-introduction to penetrate the beauty ingredients
    The ionization process ionizes the beauty ingredients and makes them easier to deliver to the skin, and then introduces them to the deepest part of the skin (stratum corneum). At the same time, the vibrating massage function operates to soften the skin and increase the penetration effect.
  • Directly addressing skin problems with optical esthetics
    A photofacial function using beauty LED lights, each of the three colors has a different wavelength to directly address your skin's concerns. Red, green, and blue have been changed to red, yellow, and blue.
    • Red LED: Anti-aging - Increases collagen to improve age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin.
    • Yellow LED: Gives skin a glow - Promotes lymphatic flow and cell repair effects. For a more transparent skin.
    • Blue LED: Acne Care - Removes active oxygen which is said to be the cause of acne, soothes acne and makes the skin less prone to acne.

Model: KRD1007N
Usable time: 2 to 4 hours
Charging time: 4 to 8 hours
Body size (width x height x depth): 40 x 160 x 32 mm
Body weight: 143g
Accessories: shading goggles, USB cable, AC adapter, cotton, cotton ring, instruction manual with warranty.

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