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belulu AquaRufa Glossy Pink KRD1027N-PK

belulu AquaRufa Glossy Pink KRD1027N-PK

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Vendor: Beautiful Angel

Renewal Model 2020!

Equipped with water peeling. Waterproof for life (IPX5)

Sonic vibrations turn water into a mist that blows away dirt and grime from the pores. It is gentler on your skin than a scrub or a pore pack to make your skin smooth and smooth. It has been redesigned to be waterproof (IPX5) for life.

With EMS function

The EMS function causes muscle movement, which strengthens the facial muscles and tightens the lines and other areas of concern.

Ionizing and extracting

Ion-derived, also known as "ion cleansing," uses the power of positive ions to adsorb pore dirt with a negative ion factor. Even the dirt in the pores, which cannot be removed by normal facial cleansing, can be removed firmly. The ionization process ionizes the beauty ingredients and makes them easier to deliver to the skin, and then introduces them to the depths. At the same time, the vibrating massage function operates to soften the skin and increase the penetration effect.

Direct approach to skin problems with optical esthetics

The photo-facial function using beauty LED light, which has two different wavelengths of light in two different colors, directly addresses the skin problems that concern you.

  • Red LED: Anti-aging - Increases collagen to improve age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin.
  • Blue LED: Acne Care - It removes active oxygen which is said to be the cause of acne, soothes acne and makes the skin less prone to acne.

Easy to choose between two patterns with the press of a button.

Turn on the power and press the button to enter cleansing mode. Water peeling, ion extraction, vibrating esthetics, and blue LED operate simultaneously. Press the button again to enter lift-up mode. Patting, ion induction, EMS, and red LED work simultaneously.

Functions: water peeling, ion extraction (ion cleansing), ion introduction, EMS, vibrating esthetics, LED light esthetics (red/blue), waterproofing (IPX5), patting.

Body size: H (height) 165 mm x W (width) 50 mm x D (thickness) 20 mm

Body weight: about 100g

Accessories: special serum b2 bottle (50 g), USB cable, AC adapter, peeling head cap, instruction manual with warranty.

Power method: rechargeable

Charging time: about 2 hours

Voltage: 100V AC to 240V

Material: stainless steel for the head part, ABS resin for the body part

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