How to choose AIM30

How to choose AIM30

What is AIM30?

AIM30 is a kidney health maintenance food for cats

It is a general nutritional food that supports the maintenance of cat health by containing the health approach amino acid "A-30".

Magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium are adjusted to maintain the health of the lower urinary tract of adult cats that spend most of their time indoors* Dietary fiber helps cats excrete hairballs without difficulty, and horse mackerel, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, supports healthy skin and coat.

*Magnesium: approx. 0.085%, phosphorus: approx. 0.9%, calcium: approx. 1.0%Sodium content is adjusted to maintain kidney health (standard: 0.37%)


Selecting the right product for your cat supplement type


Just mix it with your regular food.

For those who want easy health support.


Food type

Age-appropriate adjustment of fat content and other nutrients.
Health starts from daily meals.

Normal 11 years old

15 years old

18 years old

Kitten Food

Normal Sunrise AIM30 11 years and older Cat food 600g

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